Welcome to Afarah Business

Afarah International Business LLC is a company that exports and imports food and general merchandise processing products with an experience over 25 years selling halal products. It is a single owner business founded by Abdullahi Farah and the company headquarter is in Whitehall city Ohio USA.

The company mission is to committed to delivering quality food and beverage that is originally halal products to our domestic and international food market customers. Our company service the needs of African, middle Eastern, Asian, and Mainstream markets throughout United States. We supply independent small grocers, chain stores. Our company has registered food facility such as USDA, and FDA agencies.

Our Product Range includes the following Past Lori Capillini No. 1, Past Lori Sphaghetti No. 2, Past Lori Linguine No. 10, Past Lori Gomiti No. 35, Past Lori Gomiti Granda No. 34, Past Lori Tortiglioni No. 25 and many more...

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